About Us

Jars and Preforms LLP (J&P) was established in response to our clients’ requests for a comprehensive supplier of wide mouth closures and preforms. Through our sister company (www.petmachinery.com) we had customers requesting jar blow moulders to make their own jars from a reliable supply of good quality jar preforms. To facilitate this J&P has established a range of wide mouth preforms (58-120mm), manufactured from high cavitation tooling and with full traceability and BRC approval.

Our product range enables us to provide the market with like-for-like jars in PET, simplifying a swap from HDPE, or indeed if the application permits, glass.

With our turn-key approach, we also offer the market the ability to take control of production by bringing the blow moulding stage in-house – a solution which brings savings in warehousing, transport, and labour, as well as giving the client an efficient switch-on / switch off capability, all of which contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.